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Call analysis platform from online to offline

Add Call Intelligence to your marketing communications
by assigning a unique telephone number to each client in both organic traffic and campaigns.



which campaigns and keywords are boosting your calls and forms.

Find out where Users come from

Find out where Users come from

and personalize acquisition elements on your website according to them.

Visualize your results

Visualize your results

from online or offline in your marketing platforms.

Optimize your marketing strategies

Optimize your marketing strategies

and make intelligent decisions with the help of our reports.

Call Tracking by Walmeric

Optimizing your calls is a must!

In addition, on average, calls convert
30% faster than web leads, spend 28% more and have a retention rate that is 28% higher
The number of inbound calls
That occur as a result of a marketing campaign has increased 86% since 2014

Each User is unique, treat them as such!

We believe in customization and so we help you deal with each of your Users individually with customized acquisition elements and assigning a dynamic telephone number.

In addition, thanks to our Artificial Intelligence you will be able to know which one of them has the highest conversion probability so that you can carry out actions that provide value to your business.

Tracking and Analytics for Calls and Contact Forms by Walmeric 


lead scoring 


conversión de leads 


artificial intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence

Tracking and Analytics for Calls and Contact Forms by Walmeric

Efficient calls,
labelled and analysed

Our tool includes complete reporting of all gathered data to help you with decision making and optimizing your marketing campaigns in order to grow your business.

Included elements:

  • Lead source
  • Campaign
  • Keyword
  • Conversion site
  • Lead acquisition elements
  • Funnel levels
  • And more
Tracking and Analytics for Calls and Contact Forms by Walmeric

Quick and easy

You can quickly and easily connect our tool with your online marketing ecosystem with the purpose of real time attribution of the gathered data.

Connection with:

  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Facebook Marketing Platform
  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Hubspot CRM Platform
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • DMP, DSP and more
Tracking and Analytics for Calls and Contact Forms by Walmeric

Unlock your ROPO potencial

As a badged partner, Walmeric can help you optimize your Online and Offline conversions by passing on the value gained from access to this program and our proven expertise.

Facebook Marketing Partner
GA Certified Partner Badge Services Sales

Lead funnel services

Lead Funnel level

It provides information on:

  • • Dynamic Click to Call
  • • Call me Back
  • • Web Form
  • • Lead Scoring
  • • Contact duration
  • • Sales team
  • • Sales closing without AI
  • • AI Offer - Quotation / Visit
  • • AI Sale – Product and price
  • • AI No sale - Reason

It allows to improve
Marketing optimization:

First Party Data · Search optimization · Programmatic Marketing · Audience Targeting · Segmentation · Lookalikes · Site Personalization · Retargeting · Neutralization · Nurturing · Upselling and Cross Selling


Our clients

We are a leading company in developing technology for B2C companies with assisted sales. Managing millions of leads per year keeps us on the cutting edge.

Telecommunications client - BMW Group
Manuel Rodríguez
Digital Marketing Manager, Vodafone

“Walmeric has provided us with that spark of innovation that sometimes is the only way to help us to improve day by day and to be more efficient.”

Automotive client - BMW Group
Manuel Plaza
CRM Manager, BMW Group Spain

“In just 2 months, this Lead Management platform has allowed us to build a ROPO model by optimizing processes from the Online channel to the Offline one (Dealer Network).”

Telecommunications client - Telefonica
Gonzalo Rodríguez
Head Of Sales for Mass Market and Enterprises, Telefónica

“Having information on each call allows us to efficiently manage each of our leads, improving our sales results in campaigns.”

Insurance client - Aegon
Miguel Sotomayor
Head of Direct Channel, Aegon

“We have implemented this Lead management tool on our site. The objective was to optimize conversion by means of one-to-one lead qualification treatments for those captured online: Click2Chat, Click2video and Lead Nurturing.”

Telecommunications client - Orange
Susana Andújar
Digital Channel Director, Orange

“The ability that Walmeric offers us in terms of tracking, routing, it’s full integration with our Call Center management systems and the provision of tools such as Cobrowsing are essential to increase commercial results in a cost-efficient model.”


They trust us

Clients who trust Walmeric
Clients who trust Walmeric
Clients who trust Walmeric
Clients who trust Walmeric
Clients who trust Walmeric
Clients who trust Walmeric
Clients who trust Walmeric
Clients who trust Walmeric

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